Personal Tech/Computer Tutoring
Individuals and small businesses in Colorado Springs and around the country in need of tech/computer assistance will find discreet, friendly and supportive one-on-one training. I make house and business calls, and provide telephone, e-mail and login support. I work with all of your electronics such as smartphones, tablets and computers (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android).
Upgrades, Repairs, New Purchases
If you have a piece of tech or app/software package that is not performing the way you want it to or if your hardware is acting up, I can either fix it myself or point you in the right direction to have it repaired. I also perform upgrades like installing a new SSD hard drive, more RAM memory or an external back-up hard drive. When the time comes to purchase new equipment I will advise you during the buying process and transfer all your data over to the new device and make sure that the data you wanted synced to your smartphone or tablet is done.
If you have more than one computer, tablet or smartphone that would like to be on the Internet at the same time then you will want to get FIOS, cable or DSL broadband Internet service and share that fast connection. With a WiFi network all your computers and devices (Internet connected TVs, DVD players, Streaming boxes such as Roku Amazon FireTV, and Apple TVs, etc.), can be on the Internet at the same time and many new devices can print to your printer.

Technology Consultant for
Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android LLC
Claude Kerno